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Meet your B2B payment experts with advanced payment automation solutions that save you time, effort, and money.

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Boost Merchant Cash Flow with Digital B2B Payments

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    “Streamlined workflows freed up so many resources in our finance department.”

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    “We’re able to predict revenue and profitability with a lot more certainty and focus.”

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    “PayTrace 5-star support includes B2B payments experts we can reach 24/7.”

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    “Automation has drastically reduced errors, increased security, and sped up our payments.”

Accept business payments anywhere – enabling small business and government customers to pay the way they want.

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Instantly improve the B2B payment experience.

Give your customers more payment options by automating B2B and B2G payment workflows and accepting purchasing cards and ACH payments.

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    Easy Ways to Pay

    Customers choose the payment options that work best for them.

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    Simple Accountability

    Digital records give buyers insight into real-time invoice status.

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    Less Paperwork

    Save time. Replace checks and postage with e-invoices.

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    More Security

    Your customers benefit from encryption and less chance of fraud.


How merchants benefit from PayTrace B2B payment solutions. 

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    Get paid faster. 

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    Free up AR personnel time.

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    Enjoy real-time visibility. 

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    Increase end-user security.

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    Reduce transaction fees.

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    Get live, 5-star support. 


    Collecting payments 24/7 has never been easier.

    Our automated B2B and B2G payment solutions speed up access to payments and improve cash flow.

    As your payment gateway and B2B/B2G payment processing platform, PayTrace delivers secure cloud-based payment acceptance and integrated solutions to save you time, effort, and money.

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    Integrate with Your Tech 

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    Send E-Invoices

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    Make Paying Online Easy

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    Save Processing Costs

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    Process Recurring Payments 

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    Accept B2G Payments

  • PayTrace increases your EFFICIENCY by integrating with core business systems.

    Inefficient manual processes tie up resources and increase the risk of human error. PayTrace advanced payment automation solutions streamline back-office processes, eliminate manual steps, and get you paid sooner.

    PayTrace B2B payment processing integrates easily with existing business software, including:

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    Reduce DSO from 28 days to 1.

    PayTrace automated payment workflows eliminate manual processes, improve customer experiences, and accelerate your access to capital.

    process steps chart infographicFUTURE-PROOF BUSINESS WITH AUTOMATION