OCTOBER 9, 2018

Welcome home, Jackson

OCTOBER 9, 2018

Welcome home, Jackson

Jackson K. is a systems administrator at PayTrace who helps keep PayTracers' computers up and running. One of PayTrace's core values is community. We are humbled and grateful to Jackson K. as well as all service men and women for their military service.

Welcome home, Jackson

The call to deploy is always a possibility for members of our nation's armed forces.

Last September, PayTracer Jackson K. received that call and began preparing to deploy to Afghanistan for eight months.

Jackson commissioned with the Gonzaga University ROTC program moving into the Army Reserve after graduation. He recently marked six years in the service.

In his recent deployment to Afghanistan, Jackson served as the leader of his engineer platoon, whose main mission was constructing a base of operations.

There were plenty of lessons during his deployment, some related to his duties and others focused on his personal growth. Learning different disciplines of construction such as carpentry and concrete work provided some of the biggest growing opportunities.

Thankfully, Jackson has a passion for tackling difficult challenges. That attitude helped him both in Afghanistan and at PayTrace.

"It's why I love working in the tech department," he said. "You fall behind if you don't learn."

While Jackson's deployment had some serious tasks, there were plenty of moments to savor the local culture in Afghanistan. One of the highlights included regular meals provided by a local vendor, which included flatbread, rice, tea, and fresh pomegranates.

Last year, PayTrace received the Patriot Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. Jackson nominated our client services manager, Justin P., for the award, noting his support of Jackson's continued service in the Army Reserve.

And, like all proper events welcoming a friend or family back home, cake and balloons adorned the PayTrace office for Jackson's return to the Spokane area.

"I'm glad to be back," he said. "It feels like I never left."