DECEMBER 14, 2016

Merchant fraud prevention tools

DECEMBER 14, 2016

Merchant fraud prevention tools

Merchant Fraud Protection Tools

We have recently seen an increase in fraudulent activity through the PayTrace shopping cart for a few merchants who had not enabled their shopping cart authentication text.

To prevent fraudulent transactions, PayTrace has implemented shopping cart authentication text as a standard feature for all merchants.

From a card holder perspective, customers will simply need to type-in the authentication text provided before approving payment. From the merchant's perspective, this is a proactive step that will help prevent fraudulent transactions.

With the increased amount of fraud in the payment processing industry, PayTrace would like to highlight important fraud-prevention tools available to our merchants.

  • Address verification (AVS) for card not present transactions - requiring a billing address and zip code help ensure cardholder information matches the billing information on their credit card account. If the response is a "no match" or "partial match", a merchant may choose to void the transaction, or can have PayTrace automatically void the transaction for the merchant.
  • Card security code verification (CSC/CVV) - making this field required helps to ensure a card number has not been stolen. A card with an invalid match may not be approved.
  • Phishing filter - if enabled, the phishing filter will block a card on the fourth decline for a 24-hour period.
  • Authentication text - if using the PayTrace shopping cart, enabling authentication text ensures a human is making the online payment; thereby disallowing automated computer attacks through your payment link. Authentication text is a common verification tool for most e-commerce shopping carts and familiar to shoppers.

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