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InterPayments is a payments technology innovator focused on helping merchants reduce the burden of costly interchange fees.

Today we’ve built a fully customizable, compliant surcharging technology. But this is just the beginning. Through e-commerce, point-of-sale, and virtual terminal channels, we envision a world where merchants have 100% choice, control, and customization of their payment stack features and costs - at the click of a button.


Key Features

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Automated surcharging compliance
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Fully secure for your customers and no sensitive data in your system
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Digitally create, send, and accept payments
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Offer credit, debit, and ACH payment options with surcharging and recurring billing
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Improve DSO with online payment request and tracking with invoice / PO identifiers
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Reduce manual data entry and reconciliation errors with transaction logs
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Turnkey, web-based portal that can get started right away
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Keep your existing gateway and processor terms intact

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