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Chargent has many features to offer, including automating and streamlining Salesforce payment processes, easy subscription management, click-to-charge buttons, payment request emails, and more.

Integrating PayTrace with Chargent gives you the ability to easily build a seamless process for completing payment for orders that you manage in Salesforce. The integration connects the PayTrace gateway directly to Salesforce.


Key Features

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Payment-enable any part of Salesforce
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One-time or Recurring Billing
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Payment Request Links
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Payment Console
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Payment Request Invoicing
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Payments in Salesforce Communities
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PCI Scope Reduction and Security

About  AppFrontier

When we started this business, we set out to make the Best Payment App for Salesforce. The AppFrontier mission with our app Chargent has remained that simple, even though some parts of Salesforce and payments can seem anything but.

Chargent puts you in control of your Salesforce payments so you can capture revenue faster, eliminate duplicate data entry, and streamline billing processes. Accept payments in your Salesforce Communities, manage subscription billing, and automate collections. Lightning ready and 100% on the Salesforce platform, Chargent is a credit card and ACH/direct debit payment solution trusted by thousands of organizations since 2008.

Chargent's parent company, AppFrontier LLC, is headquartered in San Francisco.


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