October 24, 2018 | 11AM PT

ISV Spotlight: DigiPro Media

October 24, 2018 | 11AM PT

ISV Spotlight: DigiPro Media

In today's digital world, it's imperative for e-commerce businesses to develop a strong presence, accessible by everyone.

DigiPro Media provides digital solutions, including shopping carts, fundraising platforms, and online bill pay, that empower merchants to tap into the e-commerce market. A partner with PayTrace, they make building and managing e-commerce websites simple. They also work with merchants to ensure their website is ADA-compliant, saving money by avoiding costly litigation. In 2015, Pew Research Center noted there were around 40 million Americans with a disability.

Don't miss this webinar, to learn about DigiPro Media's services that can be game-changers for your merchants. Hear how PayTrace integrates with their platform and the opportunities you can grasp by partnering with them.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • Learn why businesses such as Nike, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and Five Guys are being sued because of their website and how web accessibility is driving the future of all digital engagement.
  • How DigiPro Media makes managing e-commerce easy
  • Benefits and features of the DigiPro Media platform
  • What e-commerce and web solutions DigiPro Media offers business owners that want to avoid being sued and grow their e-commerce presence?

Who should attend?

This is a great webinar for any reseller seeking a value-added solution to offer merchants desiring to grow their e-commerce portfolio.

This ISV Spotlight is approximately 60 minutes.

Custom training? We've got it!

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